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Disability Support

Our Commitment to Accessibility for Students with Disabilities.

RCHS is here to support all students, including individuals with disabilities. Faculty and staff will work together to accommodate your needs and provide you with equivalent access to learn, be involved and thrive at Riverside College of Health Sciences.

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Register Early to Apply for Accommodations

By registering as a student with a disability, you will be able to request accommodations and services. It's important to contact Riverside's Disability Support Services (DSS) team as soon as you have accepted admission or prior to scheduling entrance testing to make the team aware of your needs.

Contact Disability Support Services

Terri Del Corso, MSN, MPS, RN
Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
Director of Disability Support Services
Campus Covid Response Coordinator
[email protected]

Melissa Wilson, MEd.HE/L, CMA
Specialist, Instructional Design and Assessment
[email protected]

Please note: The DSS Team approves accommodations based on an individualized assessment of your needs and the requirements of the program you are entering. Accommodations authorized by one school are not recognized by other schools. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects your privacy throughout this process. DSS personnel do not share your personal information or disability status without your signed consent.


Providing Disability Documentation

Approved accommodations will be based on your individual needs and the documentation you provide when meeting with DSS personnel. Once approved, DSS will provide a letter listing your accommodations for you to share with your faculty members.


Request Accommodations with Your Faculty

Under the ADA, you are responsible for communicating your accommodation needs to faculty. You will need to meet with each of your instructors to share your accommodation letter from DSS before they can provide your authorized accommodations in that course.

Student approved accommodations are not retroactive so students are encouraged to contact their faculty as early in the course as possible.

If you have a service animal, contact DSS for important information regarding your responsibilities and any restrictions on campus and in clinical areas.



A Community for All Learners

There is an entire community dedicated to ensuring your success at Riverside College of Health Sciences.

The DSS team is happy to assist, so let them know if you have any accessibility issues or your accommodation needs change. While our staff legally cannot ask students if they need assistance, we encourage all students, regardless of disabilities, to seek support from our qualified teams when needed.

You'll get more information about disability services at new student orientation, where you will be encouraged to contact the DSS team for individual needs.


Have questions? We have answers!

Our team is here to help you through all aspects of the process – from initial questions to helping process your application and supporting your full educational experience.